See Challenges As Hidden opportunities! 

- Catalyst For A Change Of Direction Or A Call To Pay Attention, Take Better Care Of You & Live For The Day! -


Let me tell you - How a health challenge in my life turned out to be what I needed to have clarity about my life, health and ambitions.  



The trauma happened about 13 years ago, the first time - and I made sure to educate myself about Health and Nutrition. I've overcome breast Cancer Diagnosis and its harsh treatments twice. First in 2005 and in 2016. 

Throughout my struggles, I developed a lifestyle system that helped me back then and still does today, to feel better from the inside out.


I started the “Why me”? Phase and soon realised “Why not me”?

So, I started asking “What am I doing wrong”?

And reasoned - “If I’m possibly doing something wrong, that means I can do it right too”

“So what am I doing wrong”? “What can I do to support my poor body?

The very first thing that came to my mind, is - BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU ARE STILL HERE! 

Well - Why Me? Women of all ages, and all walks of life have died right in my circle of friends, from the very same thing…


So, why me? Why am I here?

If you are reading this, it is because you are able to see, it also tells me that you’ve survived cancer, or you never had it, or you do have it but you’re still here…


Be Grateful!


Being grateful nourishes your soul, and makes you positive. Your perspective changes - and you begin to understand what’s important in life and what's not. You live one day at the time, treat your body right so that you can enjoy the present, and give your very best to your loved ones.


Look for natural and holistic solutions and ask for help


I relied a great deal on experts and specialists in the natural, holistic and plant-based solutions field. My research led me to learn a great deal about food in relation to mental health and the whole body, and will be sharing these here with you.

Because the information I came across throughout were invaluable, but intense and confusing at times with too many tips, techniques, and research to choose from - so I narrowed my research down to 19 of my very favourite world-class incorporation oncologists, nutritionists, plant-based lifestyle experts and food specialists.  



Motivation is key to doing day to day tasks, and to give yourself reasons to get up or get better. We need this because it's an absolute key to our mental and physical health. You might be a self-motivated person, but knowing and regularly doing things that are good for your general well being can be challenging, especially when you struggle with ill health.

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