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Through extensive research, I believe a plant based diet is the best and I now develop my own very healthy sauces made from my authentic recipes. To purchase, click the link below...

Taste Maskossa

Makossa sauce is made from the freshest Scotch bonnet chillies to create a healthy hot

sauce with no preservatives or colouring.

Makossa is Cameroon for dance.

There are 3 varieties of Makossa HOT sauce range – each reflecting a different element of the dance.


Makossa original - HOT

- The Makossa dance is graceful with short bursts of confidence and energy perfect description our staple chilli sauce.


Makossa Ambas’bey - MILD

- Is a slower more elegant dance with flowing movements Just right for the gentler and milder with tomatoes version of the sauce.


Makossa Bikutsi - SPICY

- Uses the whole foot in traditional stamping moves, and it’s the name for the peanut-based version of the sauce as it’s the heart, nostalgic and from the ground.


So, get your tastebuds dancing with Makossa sauce!

Fact: “GOOD Health Is Impossible Without GOOD Food!”

Grace Ekall.

My Mission: Healthy Home-cooked Meals Made Simple, & facilitate breast cancer conversations and education for young people.

My Message: Take responsibility for your health & well being.

- Eat for better health - Cook all your meals!



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