African Dance & Freedom of Movements is about dancing your emotions, connecting with the person within.  Work with NOT against your body.

Grace has always had a passion for incorporating creativity and movement in every aspect of her life.  A breast cancer survivor, she believes that good food, dance and a "in the moment lifestyle" can have a tremendously positive effect on your well being.

Dance has always featured in all that grace has done all her life.

At 11 years old, Grace created her first choreography for the whole school concert. At 19 years old, Grace founded her dance school that became international.

Later, Grace taught dancing in schools, colleges, and Universities in and around Bristol as well as private lessons, live events, and festivals.

In 2006 Grace organised dance workshops within Frenchay hospital for fellow breast cancer patients.

In 2017, Grace started teaching dancing again and founded African dance and freedom of movement focused on women helping them take responsibility for their health.

Join Grace on Fridays at 5pm for an online dance class.

Class is by Zoom.

£10 per session.  


To join, please purchase on link below and Grace will send you the join details

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