A New Face on Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, I announced to a following of 13,700+ people that I was going offline. In a live video, I stated that I would be done with Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. The reasons for making this decision aren't important, hence that's not the focus of this post. Before starting the process of getting rid of the evidence, I scrolled down my Instagram feed and took in the memories (real and orchestrated) that occurred over the last three years. I noticed that the moments I was most proud of - indeed, the most aesthetically pleasing moments - were the ones linked to my mother's art: couture. From behind-the-scenes shots, to editorials I photographed myself using her samples, I saw that the most positive feedback came when I featured something to do with my mother, her journey or her work. Makes sense; hers is an incredible story. So I started thinking, and plotting, and second-guessing until one day I just did it. I deleted every image not related to Grace Ekall and changed my Instagram handle. Now, it is our Instagram handle and it's @graceekall. Once I made the change, two things happened: 

  1. We Lost followers. 
  2. We gained respect. 

On a personal note, I gained clarity. This 'sacrifice' (so-called by a few) liberated me. I was able to zero in on my goals and shortly realised that these goals had actually been floating around my consciousness as mere dreams - for months. I was also able to give the person I love the most in the world the gift of a considerable following on the most popular social media platform. This may sound like an inconsequential thing to most sane individuals, but when you're a brand new company and looking for investors... Lastly, I was able to start showing my kind and loyal followers a stronger side to me. Hopefully, one with more intelligence and compassion than the selfie-loving 'influencer' who occasionally posted dope content (no doubt, mother-related). So I honestly see this change as a win-win-win, but evidently, the 120+ people who said ''tah, but nah,'' don't. And that's okay. We as a brand are not out to please the masses anyway. The day we start being palatable to all is the day we lose the point of our brand. So, please go follow us there, to see get instant updates on our inspirations, artistic philosophy and work-in-progress. We look forward to sharing what is true in our hearts with you all. 

Patricia x