Body Confidence, Relationships and Breast Cancer...


Breast cancer treatments brings about physical changes that can make you loose your confidence in what you wear and you become very worry about your body image.
This for some going through treatments might seem taboo or trivial in comparison to the life-threatening diagnostic but please know that cancer treatments can really have an impact on how you feel and this in turn, can affect your health.

Unfortunately, when you are diagnosed with breast cancer there is no official package (part of the deal) including holistic needs assessment in your treatment plans, so ask for it.
Make sure that someone is helping you with all the questions you have regarding body image and intimacy during and after treatments. Ask for specialists. Talk to your consultant or care nurse.

6 Positive body image suggestions:

1.    Body appreciation - a few things you are happy that your body can do

2.    You are a Whole Person - do not focus on just part of your body...

3.    Talk to a Professional if need be - Ask your consultant

4.    Read and watch stuff that are body image Positive - Choices

5.    Accept Yourself - this will make you happier

6.    Beauty is in all shapes, colours and sizes - keep this in mind


Relationships usually changes after a cancer diagnostic. During your treatments your spouse or child take on a carer role. Family members and friends can become very loving and present, or distant if they are scared.

Be aware that you might need to rebuild a few relationships and take time to do so if you wish. Not every connection is good for you so prioritize your well being be brave to stay away from people that stresses you. Ask for help from your partner, children, compassionate friends.

Talk to your care nurse and your consultant about intimate relationships, if you feel unattractive, if you're worry about fertility. These could only be temporary issues.

Keep Well!



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