What's Your Style?

As promised, I am going to help you embrace your personal style. You could be saying to yourself.  I don't have a one, or I don't know my personal style. I can assure you - you do have one; every body does but being aware of it is a different ball game.

Tips to know and embrace your style.

A simple and effective way to figure this out is to investigate - closely examine your wardrobe or closet. Put things in categories and you will soon have your answer. What do you have in large quantity in comparison to the rest of our clothes? Skirts? trousers?  Shorts? Are they loose or fitted? What colours are they? Same exercise with your Shirts, Blouses, jackets, Coats. When it comes to shoes - do you prefer heels or flats? squared or pointy shoes? Boots? trainers? Do you like clothes with collar or without? Cuffs or not? Also, pay attention to how you put things together.

You will be surprised how revealing this simple exercise is. You will find that there is 1 or maximum 2 colours that dominates your whole wardrobe, and the 2 pieces of clothing that you have in majority constitute what you are naturally drawn to and the way you put it together so your flare...the shoes you choose to wear with a garment that you pick is 85% of the time a strong indication of your personal style. 

Your personal style is the choices that you make when you buy your cloths and accessories and how you put them together. 

Are you: Casual and Confortable? Or like Oversized and trendy? Clean cut and chic? Adventurous and creative? Do you have a statement style? Or a combination of styles? You've probably know by now, what your personal style is. 

Trust your instinct. Go for the things that ''speaks to you'' only buy, if you really like it. If you really do, don't listen to anyone - that's YOU, you are unique! Style comes from within. 


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