Feeling and portraying confidence in what we wear is not about the latest trend; but its all about self-assurance in whatever you wear wherever you are, its about beeing authentic.

We often focus on what we wear and how this can affect our attitude and confidence. What about our FEELINGS? We are told that the way we feel is influenced by what we wear which is partly true - but I believe that we can do a better job if - how we feel can enhance whatever we wear - so that the way we feel becomes more important than what we wear. This shift of importance will probably promote a healthy state of mind that will move us to look after yourself inside-out and will motivate us to integrate a easy and simple strategy for a healthy lifestyle that suit us.

As far as clothing and confidence concern, for me a simply rule apply - We can feel self-confident in clothes that we wear at all times, if we keep both our body and outfit clean. Surely Confident should come from within, powered by our inner strength. I believe that this should be the area of focus to work on, and there are professionals out there that enjoy teaching people to do just that because once we've managed to cultivate this quality, it will never leave you and cannot be destroy by body trauma, Disability, illness or surgery not really. We will feel down at times but we will always find a way to pick yourself up again... Wearing great clothes is fantastic but they are INVISIBLE to us and to others if our light is not shinning from within.

Instant boost of confidence is possible and even common. Let say you are meeting someone or people this evening but as usual, you don't feel you can do it and even if you wanted to, you don't think you've got anything fit for the occasion; but your friend is with you and chose a garment in your wardrobe and accessories to go with it. Compliment you on how FANTASTIC you look in what you're wearing, and BOOM! you feel a million dollars...ready to conquer the world. Your friends cannot be with you every time you plan to go out though, and the garment you are wearing is not the solution either. YOU ARE! 

Everything is about self-growth and empowerment - Not to feel like we're not well dressed according to others. What will you say if I tell you that what we grab to wear when we're not feeling a 100% and that look hum! okay,  but the same garment will look chic and glamorous if we are self-assured, happy with who we are and elegantly relaxed - THAT is CONFIDENCE! Looking happy and not apologetic.

The reality is that the way we feel come first, and clothes that we wear are improve because of us. Because of the way we wear them, move in them and accessorise them. So my question to you is what is your style? You don't know? Let me help you find out in my next post.

Untill then, Aurevoir!X 

Photography: Patricia Ekall at / Model: Rebecca Pignatelli at 25 Model Management



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