Getting Creative

Draping is a design technique that I'm really passionate about. The drape of the fabric dictates the intended "masterpiece". I like working with unconventional fabrics to create "art-garments" that can only be worn once. This is a Rafia Net cloth that is extremely fragile and rough at the same time. On this occasion, I hand-stitched the beautiful drape on a black little - (secondhand finds) dress that I gave a ''Red Carpet'' new silhouette before draping on top... I then worked on a pattern to replicate this silhouette that I adore.  This evening gown/toile is worn here by two of my favourite models in 2013. Ellie Holbrook & Patricia Ekall. Photography: Derwood

Draping is a really fun task in the designing process and so are Drawing illustrations Drafting and pattern development. Flat patterns and fashion illustrations are great! but for me,

''Draping is the ultimate! it allows the fabric to respond and give insights information needed to inspire and inform the designer. The findings are usually a strong guide for the designing direction for a given project''. GRACE EKALL
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