Grace Ekall

About Grace Ekall

Grace Ekall is a fashion and textiles designer, mother and artist based in Bristol, UK. After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2005, Grace enrolled in a fashion course with a local college in 2006 - while still receiving chemotherapy. She left college with a triple distinction and honed her craft as a fashion and textiles designer at university.

Grace now works in collaboration with local textiles technicians and family-run businesses and places a special focus on promoting independently-sourced materials in her designs. She is proud to have her labels read β€˜Made in England.’

Grace’s sole goal is to equip women with luxurious garments that are ethically produced and inspired by the merging of African and Western glamour.

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About Patricia Ekall

Patricia is a journalist and photographer based in Bristol, UK.

Thanks to Grace, she started working in the creative industries at an early age, developing her voice and eye as she learned on the job. Now, she works alongside her mother; where Grace is the creator and expert couturier, Patricia is the brand and visual content director. She considers her other artistic endeavours as stepping stones to this point and cherishes the experience she has gained so far. Recently, Patricia was named one of Bristol's 24 Most Influential People Under 24. 

When's she's not assisting her mother in artistic direction, Patricia spends her time between Bristol and London working on creative projects and chasing her next feature story...


Find us on Instagram : @graceekall 

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